Official City of ROBLOX Staff Guidelines

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Official City of ROBLOX Staff Guidelines

Post by Axolix on Mon Jan 22, 2018 2:50 pm

These are the official City of ROBLOX staff guidelines.

As a intern, you should be helping us and others with problems and violators. You are not a moderator, you are an intern who is helping us constantly.
You have some rules as an intern and the rules are:

You may not threaten other people just because you are staff.
You may not blackmail people, force them to give you robux, promise them administration commands for specified object, etc
You may not favor your friends and punish the people unfairly because they are your friends. You MUST treat them as if they wern't as well.
You may not attempt to impersonate City of ROBLOX Moderators/Administrators

As a moderator you should be watching over the chat, chatbox, forum, game, and so much more.
Your rules are:

Don't edit a post to frame somebody - this results in immediate suspension of your account on the forum, and loss of admin, as well with a temporary ban until solved. If found guilty, you may face up to a account termination/deletion for the consequence of your actions.
Don't favortism your friends.
Don't force people to give you in game items, currency, points, robux, etc
Use common sense
Don't abuse your powers, use the correct procedures and view those procedures on the trello board by clicking here.

As a game administrator, you have a bit more power than moderators and this is where you get a bit overwhelmed.

Administrators may not fire moderators just because they do not like them, they need proof and evidence before doing so, when doing so, you are required to send the evidence to the founder.
Administrators may NOT leak the administration terminal. A small suspicion by the owner and your account gets banned and so does your IP until we aren't suspicious.
Administrators may not impersonate others, force items,currency,etc
You may NOT abuse your powers

Supervisory Administrators

Supervisory Administrators are the highest of them all. They can fire administrators without any proof needed, as they are 100% trusted. Any suspicion just PM me and their account will go under investigation if the evidence shows enough proof.
Supervisory administrators may not:
Favortism others
Frame people
Use IP information for anything else than security and concerns - punishment to a ip ban and termination

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