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Official Game and discord rules

Post by Axolix on Tue Jan 10, 2017 9:28 am

```Official Rules```
1.1. Sexual content
Posting sexual content is forbidden, and can result in a discord, or game ban for up to six months.
1.2. Threats
Threats of harm, to others, or yourself, is forbidden, and you WILL be tracked down to your IP and reported to the police as "Threats of suicide". Threats of doing anything, game, discord, etc is forbidden.
1.3. Insulting
Insulting people, is forbidden. The punishment can result in a ban to up to a month from discord and the game.
1.4. Impersonation
Impersonation of game staff, retired moderators, players who you aren't is forbidden, and can result into a month ban.
1.5. Scamming
Scamming is forbidden, ie: posting fake links to games that claim to give you free ROBUX, asking for people's passwords to discord, roblox, any site, via Chat or DM can result up to a permanent ban from game & discord if found guilty.
1.6. Blackmailing
Blackmailing can result into a six month ban, and it is illegal. Doing so can get you banned from the discord, and game.
1.7. Unofficial resources
Making unofficial sites, resources, etc is NOT tolerated whatsoever. Doing so gets you a permanent ban WITHOUT warning.
1.8. Abuse
Abuse of tools, powers, guns, cars, will NOT be tolerated whatsoever. Doing so can result in up to a week ban, if continued offense, will result up into a month, doing more results in a 6 month ban, doing MORE than even that is permanent.
1.9. Defaming
Defaming ANYONES property/games/name is forbidden and will go up to a month ban on EVERY offense.
1.10. Provocation
Provoking anyone will result in up to a week ban, on 2nd offense, month. Fighting  back will result in a ban depending on how bad it is.
1.12. Spamming
Spam, flooding, is forbidden on the game or discord can go up to a 24h ban.
1.13. Exploiting
Exploiting is forbidden, as this can make the other users fail to have fun, and that is what we want. Exploiting is cringy anyways, so why do it? You're not cool, I see the free exploits and you are giving me cancer because of them. P.S: You exploit for enjoyment, only 6 year olds do it, so, act your age, if you are 6, please leave the game & discord as this is unsuitable for you.
1.14. Misleading
Misleading others is  wrong. Doing so, is forbidden, and can result in a ban for up to a month. So don't do it.
1.15. Deleting posts that are meant to not be deleted.
Deleting certain posts, is forbidden, as some are meant to NOT be deleted, or replacing with your own post, ie: Replacing this post is forbidden and is HIGHLY against ANY rules to delete ANY ADMIN RANK HIGHER OR THE SAME RANK AS/THAN you. Doing so results in um lets see, a month ban, and you get fired and put on the blacklist, also, try to or even threaten to delete the owners post, you get perm banned wait no, DATABANNED Very Happy (If you are stupid, yes, you get fired too)
1.16. Dating online
Dating online, through the game, of RCPD:FR, or the discord is forbidden. Doing so results in a month ban
1.17. Framing
Framing people, is extremely forbidden, perm ban, no warning, on the first time offense, boom. That should teach you.
1.18. Music
Requesting, or playing certain music that is annoying, bass boosted, or sexual is forbidden. So don;t even try, you can get up to a six month ban for it. Also, ear rape can come in with a perm too. Smile
1.19. Lying about your age
If you are lying about your age, IE: To be a NSFW moderator, that is forbidden. You MUST show ACTUAL ID, showing you are 18+ Lying about it gets you into worse trouble, what can I say, the owner only hires NSFW mods.
1.20. Flipping
Don't flip your car to evade police. Won't work, you will soon find out why not to later if you do.
2. More Rules
2.1. Staff lane
Driving in the staff lane, or even WALKING IN IT is forbidden. Don't try it. It can get you banned, and if a mod saw it at that time, your vehicle deleted.
2.2. Cuffs
Don't use handcuffs in a vehicle, don't cuff your own team either. Also don't long cuff, or revenge arrest someone.
2.3. Resetting & Leaving
Resetting to evade police, or staff, results in a ban. As this is fail rp.
You get a new life if you were killed, unless a glitch killed the player.
Leaving to evade police,or staff, or a ban is forbidden. We can just look at join logs and ban your ass lmao.
2.4. Impersonation again
Yeah, dont say fake commands, or pretend to be a mod, or force people to do stuff k? okay
2.5. Asking
Asking for robux, to join a group, admin, or an account, etc (anything that seems against rules so use common sense) is forbidden. Don't try, it is an immidiate ban.
2.6. Advertising
Advertising in a game, or discord, that is either RCPD:FR is forbidden, without the owners permission. So don't try.
2.7. Guns
Shooting through a car, with a shotgun is forbidden. Don't do it. Also, shooting in cuffs is forbidden too.

AR. Admin Rules
Don't unban permanently banned people. The owner takes care of it.
Don't make new roles, or hire moderators. The owner does all of it.
Don't abuse, or revenge ban, or ban someone in an unrelated way.--More to come

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