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Forum & Chat rules

Post by Axolix on Thu Feb 02, 2017 11:12 am

Insults, profanity, provocation, trolling Exchange and transfer of accounts Posting deceptive or misleading information, fraud Spreading 3rd party links and forbidden information, advertising Flood/Caps Sexually explicit content Discrimination, incitement to hatred and hostility on grounds of national or social identity, or other characteristics Inappropriate nickname which can cause an IP ban of making accounts for a period of time, and a Forum & chat ban Advertising unofficial groups and teams in the chat is forbidden. Only links to the respective forum topic are allowed Threats of physical violence Bypassing a ban using another account, creating an account for the purpose of breaking game rules which can lead to being kicked and permanently banned from the Forum & Chatbox Attempts to obtain malware is highly against rules and can lead to a month ban Discussion of politics is forbidden Promotion of drugs, psychotropic substances, alcohol, tobacco Information justifying or promoting violation of the law – use of bots, use of third-party software, exploitation of bugs; – impersonating a member of Administration or one of its assistants; – creating obstructions for other users; – advertising, political propaganda; – violation of laws, including intellectual property laws; – sale, purchase, exchange, transfer of Accounts or other in-game property; – fraud or other dishonest actions. – insults, threats, slander; – obscene language, including in the implied form; – flooding, flaming, spam, printing in capital letters (CAPS LOCK); – swindling passwords or other Account information; – instigating others to violate the Game Rules; – publication of information forbidden by legislation; – publication of links to third-party resources; – any forms of discrimination. Actions that will lead to (at the Administration’s discretion) a permanent limitation of access to Chats and Forum (ban): Phishing — actions that are aimed at gaining access to Users’ confidential data, such as logins and passwords; Posting links to 3rd party resources that are disguised as the Game’s official resources; Posting links to sites/hostings containing 3rd party software (cheats, programs, clients, etc.), spreading links to sites containing software that changes the game’s functionality or promises to do so; Other cases of fraud, aimed at stealing Users’ accounts.

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